Andrew Green: A talk on the pianist Dinu Lipatti (in two parts)


Part 1

A talk on the pianist Dinu Lipatti - Part 1

Part 2

A talk on the pianist Dinu Lipatti - Part 2

Andrew Green: The Art of Janet Baker
I've prepared a talk on the music of Janet Baker, illustrated by some of my favourite recordings of hers.

The first of the following three downloads is a video: watch this video until I ask you to listen to an extract of music. At this point pause the video, then use the links in the 'favourite recordings' document to listen to the music on YouTube, or find the same pieces and performances in one of the streaming services, my favourite being Qobuz. Use the other document file to follow the words Janet Baker is singing. At the end of the piece of music, return to the video and unpause/play to see the introduction to the next piece of music, and so on. Enjoy!

The Art of Janet BakerAndrew Green
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